Fan Art versus Official Art

For the most part, official game art is limited to flat two-dimensional images, which is dumb because everyone knows that the third dimension is where all the fun stuff happens. Luckily fans are free from such constraints, giving rise to great game art done in a wide variety of mediums.

Game cakes may still taste great, but they’re so old hat. Today, game-inspired bentos are where it’s at, and when it comes to edible boxed lunches, Anna the Red is queen. The bento artist extraordinaire continues to impress with her detailed homemade lunches inspired by popular comics, movies, anime, and of course, video games. You can visit her blog for tons of pictures of her delicious creations accompanied by detailed explanations of her process for creating the complex designs featured in her geek-friendly cuisine.

Fact: French fries, meatballs, and rice taste better when they’re shaped like a Big Daddy

Above: This official BioShock image looks great. But can you eat it for lunch?

Above: Anna’s first two-panel bento pit a Yoshi with a red pepper tongue against a potato salad Pikachu wrapped in an egg sheet

When the film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children released, fans of the popular JRPG series got a healthy helping of fan service. Oversized swords clashed and cameos of loved characters were plentiful. But it was the film’s gorgeous visuals and awesome battles that sealed the deal for us.

Above: Every frame of Advent Children is full of eye candy and the action scenes are impressive. But the choreography in Monty Oum’s Dead Fantasy shorts (shown below)is amazing

How could anything made by a single person compare to such an expensive production? Artist, Monty Oum found a way. Although his Dead Fantasy series can’t come close to Advent Children in terms of production value, we think his short films feature fight scenes that outdo the ones seen in Square’s full-length film.

If you haven’t seen Oum’s Dead Fantasy shorts before, you are in for a real treat. It’s like Oum took the best pieces from every action movie and game you’ve ever loved and smashed them together to create one of the most enjoyable and complex battles of all time.

Title: Dead Fantasy I
Artist:Monty Oum

Title: Dead Fantasy II
Artist:Monty Oum

Title: Haloid
Artist:Monty Oum