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A Fallout 4 update's coming next week, but PC players get it first

Fallout 4's been out for more than a week and most of its glitches are of the "oh that's freaky" variety, rather than the "oh God no all those hours" kind. Fallout 4 has been surprisingly stable for a Bethesda Game Studios launch, but the developer still has plenty of work to do. Here's how the game's updates will work going forward.

Steam players should be able to download Fallout 4's very first beta update next week. Once the beta testers get it sorted out Bethesda will push the patch out to all PC players, and then finally to consoles. All the updates will follow this rough release plan, and you should expect them to be smaller and arrive more frequently than previous BGS games like Skyrim.

Bethesda didn't specify what the update will include, though I'd expect more bug fixes and optimizations than new places to see or people to meet. The studio plans to fill out the game with free updates and paid DLC alike in the months ahead, but many players are still getting used to the breadth of the Commonwealth as it already stands (myself included).

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