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Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass?

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass for Xbox and PC? It's a good question with the price of buying games at the moment, not to mention how many games appear on Game Pass soon after - or immediately at - their release date. For that reason, we'll answer whether the Elden Ring Game Pass prospects are good, or whether those on the Xbox subscription might still have to buy it retail.

Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass?

Elden Ring

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

At time of writing, there seems to be no indication either way as to whether we can expect Elden Ring to be on Game Pass at any point whatsoever, as neither Bandai Namco or From Software have commented on it. However, there are some useful indicators - namely, that no other From Software games are on Game Pass at time of writing. The Soulsborne series has historically had closer ties to Sony than Microsoft, such as Bloodborne's status as a PS4 exclusive, so while none of this rules out the idea that Elden Ring could ever be on Game Pass, it does indicate that's certainly not probable at this point. Maybe a while after launch? Whatever the case, we'll be sure to update this page if we hear more on this subject one way or another. 

It's certainly true to say that its initial reveal via a Microsoft event has confused the issue a lot, but all we can say with certainty at this point is that you can buy it for the Xbox, not get it for free via the Game Pass subscription. 

The actual console and platform availability of Elden Ring has been a little bit of a confusing issue for most, as the game looks decidedly next-gen and marketing has been a little unclear on the subject. For that reason, we put together a guide answering the question: Is Elden Ring on PS4, not to mention addressing its status on all other platforms. It's also worth mentioning that Elden Ring is a game that we're all greatly looking forward to here at GamesRadar+, especially after trying the closed network test recently, so expect to see all the guides coverage you could ever need as we approach the release date of Elden Ring itself - currently February 25th 2022.

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