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E3 2010: Snake is in Metal Gear Solid: Rising

When you spend all day working in the enchanted land of the interwebs, you end up looking at a lot of screenshots. Most are from 7/10 games you’ll never buy in a month of sweltering Sundays. Others the product of accidental x-rated Google Image searches. But sometimes, you come across a little gem that reveals a gaming Easter egg of Fabergé value. Below, for Metal Gear fans at least, is one such shot.

Please observe, if you will,the rather rugged and utterly dreamy boxart for the megaton PSP stealth 'em up below. After you're finished getting lost in Naked Snake's eyes, let yourpeepers wander further down yonder page.

Above: A true man's man's man's man

Now squint untilsaid peepersstart to go a bit funny looking at this Rising shot. Notice any familiar art masquerading as a makeshift poster. You do? Huzzah! You've justearned 14 La Li Lu Le Lo brownie points.

Above: OMFG, indeed

Can you think of any other Metal Gear Easter eggs that have tickled your fancy in the past? Why not reminisce about them in the comments section?

June 17, 2010