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Disco Elysium will be on Xbox One and PS4 in 2020

(Image credit: ZA/UM)

The Disco Elysium groove is spreading to consoles in 2020, according to the game's designer and writer. Disco Elysium is a detective RPG that's heavily inspired by tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. You are a detective investigating the murder of a man found hanging from a tree - his backstory, which effects the game's narrative and his decisions, is yours to craft.

Disco Elysium designer and writer Robert Kurvitz told USgamer that ZA/UM is "going to port the game to consoles so you can play on your Playstation and Xbox. So, you know, that's my message to you guys for 2020. It plays really, really nicely on a controller because […] you don't need to click around and give specific tactical commands, which the controller isn't very good at."

The gameplay in Disco Elysium relies heavily on selecting various dialogue options as opposed to clicking on-screen locations, which sets its apart from other RPGs enjoyed on the PC (it feels more like a gamified novel than a traditional RPG). Everything you do in the game is based on randomized rolls, which means failure is imminent and often hilarious - you can die in the opening moments of the game just trying to retrieve an ugly necktie from a ceiling fan, and the hilarity of this moment is only bolstered by the fantastic writing. Giving console gamers the opportunity to enter the (often absurd) world of Disco Elysium is great news.

There's no set date on when the Disco Elysium port will head to PS4 and Xbox One, but we know it's sometime next year, so vaguely mark your calendars and prepare yourselves.

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