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Destiny Trials Of Osiris delayed to fix Hunter bug but there's a consolation

Guardians have found a seriously cheaty exploit for Destiny and Bungie is delaying the much anticipated return of the competitive Trials Of Osiris to get it fixed. Trials was meant to return on Friday but Bungie has announced that we'll have to wait for an update to kill the bug first.

It seems that if a Nightstalker Hunter has the Quiver modifier on their Shadowshot super and opens the options menu mid shot, then the super becomes immediately refilled, allowing for endless spamming. You can see it in action below. Not exactly ideal for PvP which already suffers from some class balancing issues. The bug apparently only works when wearing the exotic Graviton Forfeit helmet but is clearly a problem and Bungie has been speedy to address the issue.

"It turns out that there’s a particularity nasty bug that would undoubtedly conspire to create a less competitive return to form for Trials of Osiris," says the post on as part of the weekly update. "We’re going to disable that bug before we invite you to take your next run at a 9-0. We’re also working on a final fix for the bug itself as soon as possible."

"As soon as we have a solid commitment for Brother Vance, we’ll make a formal announcement on when Trial of Osiris will begin again. We hope that most of you recognize the impact a limitless Nightstalker would have on the competitive landscape."

On the up, Bungie also announced that the King's Fall raid on hard mode will release on October 23rd instead of a week later. Recommended Light for this is a whopping 300-320 and the loot that will drop will be between 310-320. It'll unlock at 10am Pacific Time so that's a week today at 6pm for UK Guardians. Plenty of time to get grinding...

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Louise Blain
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