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Destiny 2 servers are down again due to another currency-deleting bug - here's when you can expect to play

(Image credit: Bungie)

Update - February 11, 3:30pm EST: 

Evidently, this bug will require another lengthy rollback. The latest update from the Bungie Help Twitter suggests that Destiny 2 will be offline through 7pm PST / 10pm EST / 3am GMT. Bungie says more updates will be issued throughout the day, so it's possible that maintenance will be sped up. We'll keep you posted. 

Original story: 

Destiny 2 servers are down to give Bungie time to investigate the apparent re-emergence of the currency-eating bug which first popped up last month. The game was brought offline at 10:27am PST / 1:27pm EST / 6:27 GMT, and it's unclear when it will be back online. 

"We are investigating the re-emergence of the issue causing missing currencies and materials after Hotfix went live," the Bungie Help Twitter announced. "Destiny 2 will remain offline, please stand by for further updates." 

For those who missed it the first time around: this bug essentially inverts currency and material stacks based on their cap. So if you have 37 Enhancement Prisms, which can stack up to 50, the bug would split the difference and turn yours into a stack of 13. In the case of items with bigger caps, like Glimmer and Enhancement Cores, this can obviously lead to dramatic losses - so dramatic, in fact, that Bungie was forced to rollback the whole game the last time this happened. 

The irony is that, as community manager DMG04 so prophetically explained on Twitter, this bug seems to have resurfaced on the back of an otherwise minor update. Hotfix only touched a few oddities with Iron Banner, Gambit, and the Eververse store - nothing major or currency-related. So there's no telling which wires got crossed this time.

The last time this bug appeared, Destiny 2 was down for around eight hours. But assuming Bungie is able to apply the same solution as last time, the rollback or repair process shouldn't take as long this time. 

We'll update this story as we learn more and as the game is brought back online.