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Dear Capcom: We are begging you to bring this amazing Okami statue to the US

We already showed off the awesome Japanese limited edition Okamiden packageyesterday, but it seems Capcom isn%26rsquo;t done delivering awesome collectibles of GamesRadar%26rsquo;s favorite underappreciated wolf goddess. Sadly, much like the Okamiden collector%26rsquo;s edition, this gorgeous polystone statue looks like it may never be officially available outside of Japan.

Preorders for the Amaterasu statue just opened up on Capcom%26rsquo;s Japanese shopping site, The statue itself won%26rsquo;t be available until the end of September, but orders will be taken until that date (or until Capcom sells out of their planned production run). Amaterasu%26rsquo;s fairly sizable, to boot: she stands about 6.8 inches high, and her base is 9 inches long and 6 inches wide. She%26rsquo;s made from high-quality polystone and painted by hand.

Above: Let's just take a moment to soak in the awesome-ness.

However, the statue also retails for a true collector%26rsquo;s price %26ndash; 15,400 yen, or about $175 USD. If you%26rsquo;re really interested in obtaining this beautiful piece of art, you can try a Japanese proxy shopping service likeCrescent Shop,but be prepared to pay commission and shipping on top of the price. All the more reason to hope that Capcom USA will pick up a couple for retail %26ndash; maybe we%26rsquo;d get a bit of a price break on the currently abysmal yen exchange rate.

Above: Yes, it's ridiculously expensive. Cool things are like that sometimes.

Above: Hand-painted details like this = severe, unbridled want.

Above: Note: If you put the statue on a shelf facing this direction,
people will wonder about you.

Jul 16, 2010