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Dead Island: Secret Origins – Episode 3 [SOMEWHAT SPONSORED]

Things take a turn for the worse in our thrillingly third episode of our gripping Dead Island Secret Origins saga. It appears alcohol still in fact works on the undead, as do the more regrettable aspects binge drinking and careless promiscuity. Ever woken up in Vegas next to a buddy you’ve accidentally given herpes? Of course you have! It’s kinda like that, but with added biological decay and *gasp* IMMORTALITY?!

Assuming you’ve see thefirstandsecondepisode, there’s only one more to go! All episodes live and premiereright here, as well as a chance to win a five night, trip for two to the significantly safer Bahamas!

[FULL DISCLOSURE: Deep Silver ponied up the dough for the videos - we wrote, shot and said whatever we wanted. It's not advertorial, it's ADVERTAINMENT!]

Aug 2, 2011