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Nubia leads Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and more in DC's Black History Month 2022 variant covers

DC Black History Month 2022
DC Black History Month 2022 (Image credit: Alexis Franklin (DC))

The first cover from DC's planned line of Black History Month variant covers has been released, and its a beaut. Dallas-based artist Alexis Franklin has drawn a variant cover for February 2022's Nubia & The Amazons #5, featuring the titular Queen of Themiscyra..

Nubia and the Amazons #5 variant cover (Image credit: Alexis Franklin (DC))

And although she may be known to most of us for her comics work, Alexis Franklin isn't just a comics cover artist. the self-trained artist illustrated a cover for O, The Oprah Magazine depicting Breonna Taylor, and painted a portrait of Anita Hill for Time magazine.

Here is the full list of Black History Month variant covers DC has planned for 2022 - all painted by Franklin:

  • February 1: Green Lantern #11
  • February 8: I Am Batman #6
  • February 15: Nubia & The Amazons #5 (of 6)
  • February 15: The Flash #779
  • February 22: Aquamen #1
  • February 22: Action Comics #1040

DC's Black History Month variant covers are part of a larger plan the publisher has for February 2022. The recently-reintroduced Milestone imprint will be publishing an innovative anthology called Milestones in History, blending the real-life true stories of Black historical icons, framed with narration from Milestone heroes such as Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, and more.

DC will also be collecting some great stories from its past for Black History Month 2022 with the 1300-page MIlestone Compedium One, the debut issues of Luke Fox from the Batwing run., and the first collected editions of the recent Static: Season One, Mister Miracle: The Great Escape, and Represent! limited series.

DC is well-represented with our list of the Black superheroes who changed the face of comic books.