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David O. Russell quits Nailed

David O. Russell has quit problematic movie, Nailed, citing differences with the financial backers.

Staring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhall, Nailed follows Sammy Joyce (Biel), a small town waitress who gets a nail lodged in her head.

Causing her to experience erratic behaviour, she travels to Washington, DC to fight for the rights of the abnormally injured.

In 2008, the movie was shut down an astonishing four times during production, due to wages not being paid on time.

Russell has found it difficult to connect with financer Ronald Tutor; however, exact facts regarding this issue are in short supply.

“This has been a painful process for me,” Russell told The Hollywood Reporter, “I unfortunately am no longer involved in the project and cannot call it ‘my’ film. I wish Ron Tutor well.”

Russell has a reputation for his troubled productions. On the set of Three Kings he nearly ended up in a punch up with George Clooney, due to Clooney’s voiced disagreement with his verbal and physical attitude towards the crew.

During the filming of I ♥ Huckabees , Lily Tomlin was on the backlash of his rage, being called the “crudest word imaginable”, according to Sharon Waxman.

Russell then continued his rant, locked himself in his office and refused to return to work. Check out the video below;

Tutor states that a new director will now finish Nailed .

On a lighter note, Russell’s, The Fighter (where nobody managed to throw a punch at the director) should be released next February; hopefully that film will be free from controversy.

Should Nailed get a new director? Or is this the last nail in the coffin?Let us know!