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Cryptic new Walking Dead season 7 posters tease Rick's uprising against Negan

The Walking Dead season 7 returns in just over a month and AMC have fired up the hype train with some suitably cryptic posters and one new image that offer some sort of insight into what to expect and what Rick is planning in the back eight episodes of the season. Some of these are nuts. Literally nuts.

Let’s deal with the posters released on AMC’s Facebook page first (and shown in the gallery below). So far, so very The Walking Dead: an empty grave, a bloody handprint and a skeleton. But what about those rubber ducks? And what’s the deal with those peanuts? Does Negan have a peanut allergy we don’t know about? That’s certainly one way to rise up.

But there’s an even cooler link between the posters. The walnuts and peanuts have something to do with the big load of dynamite. Fun fact: nutshells can be used as a filler in dynamite and peanuts contain glycerol, a key ingredient of dynamite. I’ve heard of nutcrackers but this is ridiculous.

It seems like Rick and the gang have a plan in place to blow Negan and the Saviors to smithereens – which ties in nicely with Andrew Lincoln saying Rick will return to the “thrill of the fight.”

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On top of that, those shadowy figures certainly seem heavy-set. Are they packing armour? It would certainly make sense if Rick is planning an uprising - and we’ve seen armour-clad peeps before when Morgan was rescued by citizens of The Kingdom.

On to the image (revealed by TVLine) from, presumably, the first episode on February 12. It sees Rick returning to Hilltop to rally allies against Negan. Gregory, though, seems none too pleased to see his community being backed into a corner. The leader of Hilltop has previous for protecting his own skin so it’s safe to say he’ll want to avoid any potential conflict…

No matter what happens at Hilltop, it seems The Walking Dead season 7 will return with a bang. And a quack.

The Walking Dead returns on AMC on February 12.

Images: AMC

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