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Crackdown 2 agility orb map guide

Crackdown 2's got a lot of balls (literally) to ask gamers to find every last one of its 500 agility orbs. There's a better joke in there somewhere, but it's almost lunch time. Fortunately we've assembled an easy to use map that points out the location of every last one of the little guys. Perfect for when you get tired of chucking taxis at pedestrians and your completionist urges get the better of you.

Above: "WHOOMP Here I am!"

Hints for orb collecting

-If you’re over the radar dot, and you look up and see sky, chances are the orb is below you. Look for nearby tunnel or sewer entrances if you’re on the road. If you’re on a bridge, look underneath.

-Lots of these orbs like to hide inside damaged buildings. Since you can’t use doors in Crackdown 2, try to enter through a broken window or a damaged section.

-Balconies of multi-level buildings are another common hiding spot.

- There are choppers on the helipad at agency headquarters in the middle of the map. You need a high level of agility to actually make the jump onto the helipad but once you have access, orb hunting is much easier.

Note: Click the image for the HUGE version and make sure to check out our Hidden Orb Map Guide and Audio Log Map Guide!

July 6, 2010