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Of course Vault Boy has an official Tinder profile

Just look at him. How could anyone swipe left on that perfect smile? Well that's exactly how Bethesda wants it. As reported by Kotaku, the studio has gone and set up Vault Boy a Tinder profile to promote the oh-so- tappable Fallout Shelter. Only 25 and with a penchant for Nuka Cola and putting out fires, Vault Boy also likes collecting Bottlecaps, lunchboxes and outfits. Click on the profile and you'll be directed to a download link for Fallout Shelter. Sneaky.

Even the Fallout Twitter is in on the action with a promotional #DateADweller hashtag suggesting we get together over some post-apocalyptic drinks. Fallout Shelter has now arrived on Android devices and the iPhone version has also had some updates, including Mr Handy to assist you in collecting your resources.

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Check out Vault Boy's profile below (thanks, Kotaku) and if you're looking for any underground tips, take a look at our Fallout Shelter guide to get the most out of your Vault.

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