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Combat Arms gets a 'super' update

While other shooters celebrate the headshot, Combat Arms has always preferred to covet the ‘nut shot,’ rewarding players for accurately sniping enemies in the groin. Fans of Combat Arms, the free-to-play online shooter that never takes itself too seriously, will be getting a new mode and map in the latest update.

The highlight of the update is the new Super Soldiers mode. Crates holding powerful power-ups will drop across the map, and players will have 10 seconds to scoop them up for unique boosts.

The new Super Soldiers boosts:
- Nimble Footwork: Increases speed and stamina
- Super Concentration: Decreases recoil
- Merciless Attack: Increases damage and firing speed
- Flawless Defense: Increases DEF and max HP
- Endless Attack: Unlimited magazine recovery and enhanced firing speed
- Enduring Phoenix: Increases max HP and stamina
- Super Recovery: Recovers 100% HP (instant)
- Superalloy Skin: Immune to all damage
- Infection Transformation: Transform into Zombie from Quarantine Mode
- Super Spy Transformation: Transform into Super Spy character from Spy Hunt mode