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Classic RPG Secret of Mana will hit iPhones before 2011

Hey, does anybody remember that the 1993 SNES classic Secret of Mana was announced for iPhones and the iPod Touch back at E3? No? It’s cool, we kind of forgot, too. That is, until today when we heard that it’s going to be here before the end of 2010. Holy crap, that’s in the next two weeks!

Complete with new controls for the platform as well touched up graphics, producer Masaru Oyamada, via Square-Enix’s Facebook page, confirmed the game is nearly here.

Above: That title screen is still awesome, but it reminds me that I’ll be late for junior high

“I'm really happy to announce this news,” he says. “We had [sic] submitted ‘Secret of Mana.’ And now we've got the green light to release it!!”

Though Oyamada says that the actual release date is still a “secret” (his pun, not ours), he swears that it’s going to come out by the end of the month, which is only two scant weeks away. Whether or not the game’s LINKfantastic soundtrackhas made the cut remains to be seen, but either way, Secret of Mana just rocketed to the top of our want lists. Hell, it might be the best Christmas present you never knew you wanted until just now.

Above: That’s how you deal with your foes or coworkers: you COOK them

Above: We’d like to make an in-flight movie joke here, but it would fall flat

SOURCE: GameSetWatch

Dec 17, 2010