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Chun Li, Dante, Captain America, Felicia definitely in MvC3

The big news of the day: Marvel vs Capcom 3 hasfinally been confirmedand it's on track for a 2011 release. The teaser trailer revealed Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Ryu, Chris Redfield and Morrigan, but take a second look and you'll notice those character outlines are clear indicators of who else will make the cut.

Captain America, Dr. Doom andDeadpool are surefire hits, while the fourth and fifth characters have us a bit stumped. Four could be Hawkeye, but it could also be a Super Skrull (that point could be an ear instead of a mask), which is in keeping with Capcom's desire to feature characters that have become more popular since 2000. As for the fifth... we're not sure at all. Help us out in the comments?

And even though he's not pictured, we bet plenty of our GR cash that Thor makes it in. He's got a movie next year, he wasa helper in the first MvCand he's a bigger player in the Marvel Universe now that he's center-stage in The Siege. There's also a slight chance "Dr Doom" up there could be The Hood, but uh, let's hope not.

Our money's on Dante as the lead character here (another post-2000 biggie), Chun Li is right behind him and Felicia from Darkstalkers appears to be the final person, but those middle two are the mysteries. Capcom girl with heels and some kind of braid or dangling head piece? Then the next is just some dude. Could be Frank West or Wesker, but the former was just in Tatsunoko vs Capcom and the latter would be a second Resident Evil character. Captain Commando? Any ideas?

This art re-affirms Super Skrull (upper left), Chun Li and Deadpool (lower left) Felicia and Captain America (lower right) and Dante (next to Chris' hand). We can't identify the shapely woman behind Deadpool (Spider-Woman?) or the fiery thing under the Super Skrull, nor the remaining two blobs near Chris' arm.

If you can't name 'em either, Capcom will likely reveal the rest of these at E3, making for a total of 16 known characters. According to our information, that leaves about 16 to go. Let the speculation begin!