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Champions Online to go free-to-play in early 2011

You know what’s weird? A few years ago, there was an MMORPG gold rush. Everyonewas making subscription-based online games.Now, it seems, the suits are stepping on their own mothers to make those wacky, never-finished, freakishly time-consuming games they fought so hard to produce cost you nothing. Come 2011, Cryptic-produced and Atari-publishedChampions Onlineis jumping on the free-to-play bandwagon.

Above: Because paying to get shot by a photon beam just seems silly

Taking a cue from Turbine’sLord of the Rings OnlineandDungeons and Dragons Online– both of which started as subscription-based before having major success as free to play games - Champions will soon offer crime fighting over the internet for the low, low price of free.

Of course, premium content will be available for those who choose to pony up in the form of new items, powers, costume pieces, and Adventure Packs. According to Joystiq, there will also be a Gold Subscription service that provides this content plus undisclosed perks.

Look for this all to go down during Q1 of 2011.


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