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Lord of the Rings Online revenues triple since going free-to-play

The decision to ditch subscription fees for Lord of the Rings Online isproving to be a lucrative movefor MMO developer Turbine, as the company has announced that its revenues have nearly tripled since making the free-to-play transition last Fall. Back in October,the micro-transaction strategyhad already doubled the game's revenues.

"We are super-pleased with how so many of our players have responded fantastically... the world feels alive and vibrant," said executive producer Kate Paiz in a TenTonHammer podcast. "This really echoes a lot of what we've seen throughout the entertainment industry in general. It's really about letting players make their choices about how they play."

Last April, Lord of Rings Online celebrated its third year of slaughtering innocent Orcs. This year, maybe Turbine can afford to throw a bigger party?

Jan 7, 2011


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