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Capcom's 30 greatest contributions to gaming history

Guile's theme

In case you havent heard, Guiles theme (from Street Fighter II) goes with everything, from the Super Mario Bros. movie to cat videos to crappy daytime talk shows. To be fair, though, all of the tunes in SFII are incredibly catchy and memorable, and it probably could have just as easily been Ken's theme or Balrog's theme or Zangief's theme that became an Internet sensation. But you know what? Those other themes didn't get the nod, and now all the other World Warriors probably have to put up with ol' Brush Head going on day after day about his online conquests. Oh sure, your Shoryuken might have priority over my Flash Kick, but how many YouTube views did YOUR theme song get yesterday?

On to the next three decades

Is that it? Have we reached 30 already? Man, we were just getting started, and we didnt even get to touch on games like Breath of Fire, Commando, Onimusha, PN03, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and so many more. Capcom has produced so much content and provided so many noteworthy moments over the past 30 years that it's virtually impossible to cram them all into a single article of any size. What scenes and characters from Capcom history are still stuck in your head? Tell us in the comments!

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Chris Hoffman
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