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Bungie reveals Halo: Reach stats, over 24,000 years of game time recorded

Over 33 billion kills have been made, 1.3 billion games played and 24 billion Covenant laid to rest according to Bungie's first batch of Halo: Reach game stats.

Before packing up for the holidays, the team at posted a handy infographic featuring the accumulated player stats from Halo:Reach betweenSeptember 14 and December 10.The numbers, of course,reaffirm Reach's massive popularity - thetotal game time spentby players inReach has added up toroughly24,000 years.

Above: See the full image, which includes more stats, like medals earned and credits spent, at

Otherinterestingfacts include that over 9 billion matchmaking kills have been made, 2.7 billion of whichwere by way of headshot, with vehicular manslaughter coming in dead last at a mere 63 million. Also of interest were the 1.3 billion recorded assists, which account for millions of 11-year-old whiners saying, "Nice kill steal, asshat!"


Dec 20, 2010