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Bungie is replacing Dinklebot in Destiny: The Taken King due to schedules, not quality

Considering the somewhat dry, nonplussed manner in which Peter Dinklage delivered his lines in Destiny, it would not be unreasonable to think that the decision to replace Dinklage with Nolan North as Ghost was made due to quality concerns. Bungie, however, told Game Informer that's simply not the case; it's schedules that are keeping Tyrion Lannister from waxing poetic about lunar wizards.

When asked by Game Informer if the casting change was made due to fan feedback or "Hollywood nonsense," executive producer Mark Noseworthy said that it was "more on the nonsense side," and that scheduling conflicts made getting Dinklage into the studio much more difficult than North. "This is [North's] thing," as Noseworthy put it. "We can call him up and say, 'Hey next week can we do this thing? We're doing an internal playtest and it would be great to get Ghost dialogue in there instead of the robot voice that we use,' and he's available."

Curiously, Destiny: The Taken King will give the character Cayde-6 (voiced by Hollywood actor Nathan Fillion) a more prominent role than he had in the base game. Maybe his schedule was more open?

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