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Bundle of every Wii game ever published in Japan going for $12,000

We've heard of people trying to get every NES, SNES, hell, even every Jaguar game, but we've never met anyone who covets a complete Wii collection. However, Japanese secondhand store Enterking is expecting more than a few rabid collectors to go for itsholiday Wii offering: a new Wii complete with every game so far publishedfor the console in Japan(not including special editions). All 408 games are previously used, and they're in short supply.

Hopeful buyers of the “Wii Complete Grab Bag” will have to enter a raffle between the first and third of January. Only after winning the drawing will a single individual have the chance to buy the collection (valued at 2,300,000 yen or $27,444) for 1,000,000 Yen (nearly $12,000 with today's exchange rate).

[Source:Silicon Era]

Nov 30, 2010