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Boxing Day deals: save £40 on a Monster Hunter themed new 3DS with game, and faceplate: only £149

Let me guess: you like monsters, hunting and Nintendo? Perfect. Then you're going to love this Monster Hunter new 3DS with a theme and faceplate for £149. 

View deal:  New Nintendo 3DS Black + Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate + faceplate for £149.99 at Nintendo. 

That's £40 off overall for one of the best games on the platform, a new 3DS (the faster one with the extra little analogue stick) and a faceplate that says 'I AM PLAYING MONSTER HUNTER', just in case you wanted to make that clear.  

And, if Monster Hunter's not your thing, then there are Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles and Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden options with the same deal. 

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