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Born to be wild

When a Hollywood A-lister is in a slump, there are three tried and tested escape routes: one, the low-budget critic’s bait helmed by the latest Sundance whiz kid; two, the hilarious, edgy comedy that stretches the taste boundaries; and three, hope and pray that Quentin Tarantino has your number.

Everyone knows QT only saves you once, so with that in mind, John Travolta has decided to plough the comedic furrow in an attempt to stem his latest five-film losing streak (Domestic Disturbance, Basic, The Punisher, Ladder 49, Be Cool).

Travolta and fellow hit-seeker Tim Allen (Toy Story) are in final talks to topline Wild Hogs, as half of a quartet of middle aged men who, in the throes of their midlife crises, cocoon themselves in leather and take to the road on two-wheelers. All is well until the grey gang have a run-in with some bona fide Hell's Angels.

Brad Copeland, a writer on acclaimed TV comedy Arrested Development, penned the script, which Travolta will be hoping is more Look Who's Talking than Lucky Numbers.