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BLASTERMIND: Headline Special

The Friday quiz is back! Can you work out the SFX article from the headline? Now with optional answers…

This week it’s a headline quiz special. The rules are simple. Below we’ve printed 20 genuine SFX feature headlines from over the years. All you have to do is guess what the article it was the headline for was about. To help, we’ve given a few clues about what you’re looking for, but we’ll also let you know straight away that none of the subjects is massively obscure. Well, apart from one. And another one’s a double bluff, because it’s piss easy (but we love the headline so much we wanted to include it). We’ve also tried to pick headlines that contain specific clues within them, so think laterally. Just because there‘s a “five” in the title doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Babylon 5 !

And because this is a tricky one, it’s open season in the comments section. Feel free to discuss suggestions and see if together you can come up with a list of answers you’re happy with.

Or you could just go back and read nearly 200 issues of SFX .

To see the answers, highlight beneath the headlines .

1 Killing Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (2001 film)

2 Slaymate Of The Year (TV show)

3 Sonic Youth (TV show, particular event)
Matt Smith taking over as Doctor Who
4 The Foresight Saga (TV show)

5 Horn Again (film)

6 All This And 1982 (TV show)

7 The Culture Show (person)
Ian M Banks
8 Companion Piece (TV show)

9 The Sun Of All Fears (film)

10 Ratman Forever (person)
James Herbert
11 Write The Future (TV person)
Chris Carter
12 The End Is Nine (TV show)

13 The Uncanny Suspects (film)

14 Damned Dirty Ari (film)

15 Apocalypse NW1 (film)

16 Five And Kicking (TV show)

17 Hi, Hi Miss American Spy (TV show)

18 Resurrection Dan (TV person, extra points if you can work out the plot line inspiring the headline)

19 Getting Wiggy With It (TV person)
Jolene Blalock
20 Fighting Tooth and Claw (film – think carefully about each word)

Good luck. Answers, as usual, on Monday…