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Blacklight: Retribution and Primal Carnage: Genesis coming to PS4

PlayStation 4's lineup grew by two tonight, with free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution and single-player adventure Primal Carnage: Genesis confirmed for the next-gen system. Sony Computer Entertainment America announced both games at GDC in San Francisco.

Blacklight: Retribution will hit PS4 as the console's first confirmed pub fund title. The same independent publishing deal which brought indie adventure Papo & Yo to PS3 will bring Zombie Studio's near-future competitive shooter over from its PC roots.

On the other railroad-spike-sized talon, Lukewarm Media's Primal Carnage: Genesis will appear as an episodic single-player adventure series, unlike its asymmetrical multiplayer forebear. The first-person game "takes place in a world where dinosaurs have been brought back to life," according to its site. "Explore a mix of tropical and man-made environments that are teeming with prehistoric life, experience the fear of being hunted by long forgotten beasts and join in the survival of the fittest. Dinosaurs are back."

If the next generation means this slump of decent dinosaur games is at an end, we say bring on the future.

Connor Sheridan
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