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BioWare developer proposes to his girlfriend via Minecraft

So you think you're a romantic, eh? A regular Don Juan Demarco? Far be it for us to suggest otherwise, but after watching this Minecraft marriage proposal crafted by a developer at BioWare, you may feel inclined to step up your game.

The Minecraft level was created by a love-struck BioWare staffer named Joel Green (aka mcnerdburger) for a fellow dev, Heather Rabiatch, at BioWare's Edmonton studio (hence the %26ldquo;we build worlds together%26rdquo; references and above-average profiency with all those colored block things). The whole creation took Green a better part of 15 hours to create, after which he made Rabiatch play it through for a 'Valentine's Day' surprise.

Unfortunately, the video ends on a bittersweet note, announcing, %26ldquo;She said yes... then a creeper blew her up.%26rdquo;

Yeah, marriage will do that.

[Source: Edmonton Journal]

Feb 15, 2011