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The best user-created ships in Resogun


It's a flying diorama of a wedding scene, complete with guests, priest and long bridal train. Awww.

steves revenge

There are plenty of Minecraft models (I can't think why they'd work so well in this 3D pixel format...), but this one captures the essence of the game best so far.


Is that Jerry of Tom & Jerry fame? Either way, it's a great 3D model.

E.T. and Elliot


Sackboy & Swoop

Too cute--really captured Sackboy's lolling tongue. Excellent work, A+.

the pooper

Yes, it is lowering the tone, but it did pass the LOL test.

Tiki Kiwi

Look! It's Tiki from The New Zealand Story! Normally, I would have disregarded this one because it's just 2D sprite work with one layer of voxels... but in this instance, it works perfectly. Love it.

Super Meatboy

Perfect. Just perfect.

Flying Dutchman

Oh, I get it! It's Robin Van Persie midway through his incredible header in the World Cup. What a goal. Ooooh... Robin Van Persie!


Which idiot made one of a mouse riding a pencil rocket? Must be from one of those crappy indie games or something...

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