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Batman Arkham Knight will get Nolan's batsuit to match the Tumbler

While we can now hurtle around Gotham in the 'yes of course it comes in black' Tumbler from Nolan's Batman trilogy, it looks like we'll be getting the suit to match. After being asked repeatedly on Twitter for Bale's Batsuit, Rocksteady creative director Sefton Hill has relented.

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Hill adds that it won't be available to download until the end of the year because "the suits take a very long time to build because of the insane amount of detail." He goes on to ask which version of the suit we'd like so if you'd like to move your head more the 15 degrees be sure to ask for The Dark Knight version. Y'know, the cat proof one.

Batman Arkham Knight just got its September drop of Season Pass content with the Tumbler and Crime Fighter packs and Catwoman's Revenge DLC will be available next month.

It's also worth noting that season pass holders now have all pre-order exclusives if you missed out on Harley Quinn or Red Hood respectively. They're also available to buy separately but if you want to pick them all up, the season pass is reduced to a more reasonable £21.99 on PS4 today.

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