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Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC collectibles guide

Batgirl DLC collectibles (Part 2)

Jack-in-the-Box 2

Between two small towers north of the Big Wheel.

Teeth 6

At the base of the 'bomb' ride to the west.

Balloon 5

On top of the 'bomb' ride.

Balloon 6

On top of the two tall pipes near the High Striker.

Balloon 7

Attached to the side of the tall tower to the north.

Jack-in-the-Box 3

Climb right to the top of the fiery tower in the centre.

Balloon 8

On top of the Carousel ticket booth to the north.

Teeth 7

Just inside the Anglerfish tunnel to the northwest.

Jack-in-the-Box 4

On the side platform of the Great White.

Teeth 8

Also on the side platform of the Great White.

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