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Batman 3 Riddler rumours confirmed?

Batman 3


Batman 3 rumours are escalating, with further indication The Riddler may feature, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is interested in the role. got their hands on a casting grid for Batman 3, a document which lays out the roles in the movie and actors available to play them.

For Bat-fans, this is as close to confirmation that The Riddler will be appearing as you can get without hearing it from Nolan himself.

Perhaps even more exciting is the mention of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is listed next to The Riddler as 'interested'.

JGL has been touted for the role in fan circles for some time, and thanks to his high-profile performance in Inception is now well known to the general public.

We already know that Nolan likes to work with the same trusted actors in his film projects, so it is easy to see the director offering the versatile young actor the part.

The problem with the slow leak of rumours like these is that it always leaves us wanting more... it's going to be a long wait.

Batman is due to begin filming next year, and is set for release July 2012.

Should we perform Inception on Nolan to get JGL cast? Or would you prefer a different Riddler? Leave a comment!

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