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Assassin's Creed 3 Homestead missions guide - how to completely upgrade your Davenport Homestead

Sequence 10

Thousand Pound Idea
Reward: Lance can now craft high quality goods
Location: Homestead

Lance has had a brilliant idea, but has plans are on route and have been not delivered from the Postmaster in quite some time. He’s like it if you went to New York to see what was taking them so long and to retrieve them. When you arrive in New York, go to the mission marker and the Postmaster will tell you that Patrick, the apprentice picked up the package. A scene will cut showing Patrick pass the pages to 2 other men who you will now have to loot to get them back. Kill the three of them however you like, but chances are that the British will be all over you as soon as you do, so you will need to lose the guards and then return to loot the body.

The Comeback
Reward: Big Dave can now craft higher quality goods
Location: Homestead

Talk to Big Dave at his shop and there will be a crowd of people there that are ready to take on the approaching British soldiers. There will be some explosive barrels around that you will have a bit of time to place of the path where the soldiers will arrive from. Place a few barrels down and then wait for the soldiers to arrive. Shoot the barrels and if timed properly, you will wipe out the entire group in one hit. Repeat for the next couple of waves of soldiers and you will easily pass this mission without Big Dave, Godfrey, Myriam, or Terry taking any damage.

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