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Assassin's Creed 3 Homestead missions guide - how to completely upgrade your Davenport Homestead

Sequence 7

Room at the Inn
Reward: Meat Pies and Alcohol
Location: Homestead

Make your way to the next mission marker that will now appear and you will find Myriam and Norris getting cozy at a fire. Norris will introduce you to Oliver and Corrine who are looking to set up a new inn somewhere. After you invite them to set up a new inn on your land, you will then need to raise $1000 for them. If you already have it, just talk to Oliver to complete the mission. If not, do what needs to be done to get it and then return to them once you do.

Manor Mysteries
Location: Davenport Manor

Return to the Davenport Manor and enter to find Achilles looking at the fireplace. Talk to him and he will ask you to follow him to the basement while he explains that he needs you to retrieve something for him from a cave. Exit the house and you will need to talk to Norris to get some explosive to open up the cave. Follow Norris as he carries the explosives to the cave entrance and then shoot them to create an entrance. Head inside the cave and you will eventually come to a large chest. Grab the contents and then you will have two minutes to get out of the cave before it collapses on you. Once you reach the entrance to the cave, return to the Manor and to the basement where Achilles will be waiting. He will then show you what you recovered and what may soon be yours.

Norris Goes Courting
Reward: Copper Ore
Location: Homestead

Next up, you will need to go and speak to Norris and he will tell you that he wants to get Myriam a present. Seeing as how neither of you know what to get her, you decide to ask Prudence what it is that women like. Once you make your way to her farm and talk to her, she will tell you that flowers are a way to a girl’s heart and she will tell you where to find some. Make your way to the objective marker to find them and then return with them to Norris as he is doing his business.

Bowls Beginner
Reward: Forest Resources
Location: Homestead

This is a rather simple mission where all you need to do is play a game against Terry. The object of the game is to toss your ball and to try and get it closer to the smaller ball than your opponent does. You don’t need to win, you just need to complete three rounds to finish the mission.

Happy Expectations
Location: Homestead

It seems that Prudence and Warren have finally gotten their wish of a child but need a doctor to help them. They will then ask that you travel to Boston to find Dr. White. Make your way there and you will need to speak to his apprentice first who will tell you that Dr. White is a drunk and washed up. Find him down the street and you’ll need to defend him against an attacking group. Defeat them and then talk to the doctor and inform him of Prudence’s expectation. The Doctor will agree to come back to the Homestead with you and set up a shop there.

Norris Tries Again
Reward: Lead Ore and Sulfur
Location: Homestead

Poor Norris just can’t catch a break. It seems that Myriam didn’t think too fondly of his flowers. Now Norris wants you to help him find her a better present. To find out what it is that she wants or needs, you’ll need to head to her camp and spy on her while she works. When you arrive at her camp, crawl around to the right side of her cabin and look at the clue there to discover a broken knife. Return to Norris with the info and he will thank you.

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