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Assassin's Creed 3 Homestead missions guide - how to completely upgrade your Davenport Homestead

Sequence 6

The Fight
Reward: Spruce Lumber
Location: Homestead

When you start his mission out in the middle of the woods, you will need to speak to kids who will tell you that Godfrey and Terry are fighting and that it needs to be broken up. Follow the kids to where they are fighting and then you will need to perform a mini-game to break it up. Move each stick to the left and right while keeping it on the green bar along the line at the bottom of the screen. Push each bar to the opposite sides of the screen to end their spat. Once they are broken up,, you will then need to visit each of them at their location and have a short chat with them.

Encyclopedia of the Common Man
Location: Homestead Manor

For this mission, Achilles will ask that you record the activities of the homestead villagers. To do so, you’ll need to target them with the left trigger and hold the target over them to record the activity they are doing. You’ll need three activities for each Big Dave, Godfrey, Lyle, Warren and Prudence, Myriam, Oliver, Norris, Ellen, and Lance. To see if the activity they are doing is recordable, simply turn on eagle vision mode and the characters will turn gold if it is. The characters do go to bed at night however, so if you notice it’s morning, go to the Homestead and start recording their actions.

The Brawler
Reward: Miner
Location: Boston

To find this mission, you will need to travel to Boston after the previous Homestead mission has been completed. Go to the mission marker and you will find a French-Canadian named “Norris” getting roughed up. Give him a hand by taking out the red coats who are harassing him and he will tell you that he is a miner looking for work. He will then decide to take a look at the Homestead and you will now have a miner artisan.

White Trophy
Reward: Fox Fur
Location: Homestead

For this mission, find Myriam out hunting and she will tell you that she is after a white cougar. You will then offer to help and will then need to track down clues left behind by it. Once you spot a few of them in the large green circles, the cougar will appear and you will need to give it chase through the forest. Once you have chased it far enough, you will get a prompt to talk to Norris at a mine entrance and he will open it up for you. Enter the mine and the cougar will charge you. Give a quick button press to dodge and Myriam will take care of business ending the mission.

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