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ArchLord details unveiled

We might still be living our parent's basements or commanding tiny cubicles at work, but the upcoming massively multiplayer game ArchLord is set to finally give us our due. Every 21 days, someone has a chance to become supreme ruler of the entire universe (or rather, server).

Today we received the final details on how you can tread down the path of eternal glory as Chantra's ultimate leader. First, you'll need to be nominated by your guild, making it likely that you'll need to be a high-ranking leader already. As long as you and your entire guild are at least level 60, you'll be entered into a massive 3-way Player vs Player championship for the right to challenge the incumbent ArchLord.

Initially, there will be no supreme ruler when the doors to Chantra open at the end of September. So a horrifying and enormous Balrog-like monster called the Dicane will need to be defeated instead. The creators showed us this towering monstrosity crushing players with a single blow from his massive sword. So, if you actually defeat him, we wager you're worthy of the ArchLordtitle.

Why would anyone dare to stand up such certain death? Well for starters, the ArchLord gets an instant posse of devoted, overly-armored royal knight bodyguards. He gets his own glorious outfit, too, as well as an enormous, flying dragon mount that shoots lightning from its mouth. If that wasn't enough of an entourage, the ArchLord can summon 20 high-level monsters to give any would-be gankstas a taste of death.