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Apple changes App Store rules amid its lawsuit with Fortnite creator Epic

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

Apple has announced it'll allow developers to inform app users of ways of paying outside the App Store in a significant development in its lawsuit against Epic Games.

In a press release related to a different lawsuit that Apple is currently fighting, Apple announced changes to its App Store polices. Apple will maintain its current approach, in which businesses earning less than $1 million per year through the App Store will pay a reduced commission. The big change, however, is that developers will now be able to "share information about payment methods outside of their iOS app" via third-party communication with players. Any payments made outside Apple's ecosystem, even if they pertain to apps available on the App Store, aren't subject to Apple's commission, meaning developers get a greater portion of the profit from player spending.

While the new rules stem from a class action lawsuit made against Apple by a number of smaller developers, they're surprisingly relevant to the tech giant's ongoing lawsuit with Epic Games. That legal disagreement stemmed from Epic's attempt to sell V-Bucks directly to Fortnite players on Apple devices, circumventing the App Store and denying Apple its cut of player spending. In response, Apple delisted Fortnite from its platform, resulting in a lengthy legal battle that came to a head during a court trial earlier this year. As yet, there's been no definitive result from that hearing, but it'll be interesting to see whether Apple's U-turn will have a wider-reaching effect.

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