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Another X-villain takes center stage

There's still a month to go before the third X-Men film hits theaters, but the video game tie-in is edging its way in a few days earlier. X-Men: The Official Game bridges the gap between the 2003 movie and the year's sequel - and with no nailed-down story to follow, the game's getting packed with extra villains you may not even see in the movies.

Now we've got the Silver Samurai, a mutant martial arts master that can create energy fields around his weapons. When powered up, he can cut through practically any material on the planet - except, of course, Wolverine's adamantium skeleton.

Check out Silver in our trailer, and also get an eyeload of the new screens. He joins a roster of villains that include metal-laced Lady Deathstrike, towering, robotic Sentinels and the feral Sabertooth. What other surprise appearances await?

April 26, 2006