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American McGee's Alice Vorpal Blade replica exists, is irrationally desired

Videogame weapon replicas are almost as common as videogame weapons, but this one is kind of special - it's the Vorpal Blade from American McGee's Alice, and it's awesome. At least, it is to me.

Above: Epic Weapons' replica | Right: Alice holding the very same stabber, and looking awfully perturbed

1,000 of the blades will be created to celebrate the game's 10 year anniversary. You can pre-order one of the $89.95 slicers fromEpic Weapons, or at Comic-Con. Also at Comic-Con will be an auction for the first 25 knives produced, for those super-serious collector folk.

If you've never played Alice, get the hell on it! But sorry, console folk, Alice has never left its PC womb, which is a shame.Goon and say it's a good thing, PC fanboys, but there's really nothingI can think of that would make Alice not work on consoles - it's perfectly suited, actually. A remake, or just a direct port to XBLA/PSN, would make me squeal.If all you know American McGeefor isBad Day LA, you're missing out!

Above: It's looking a little dated, sure, but it's still great

Apparently Spicy Horse is developing a sequel, tentatively known as "Alice: Madness Returns," a title EA applied to trademark, but we haven't heard much about it yet.

Oh right, the replica - isn't it cool?

Jul 15, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer