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Almost 29 million copies of GTA 5 shipped so far

GTA 5 has shipped almost 29 million units since it launched on Sept. 17. That's more than GTA 4's lifetime console shipments in less than six weeks on shelves, Take-Two said in its fiscal second quarter 2014 statement.

GTA 5 was responsible for more than half of September's total retail sales dollars, and Take-Two declared GTA 5 to be the fastest selling entertainment property ever last month--though it delayed accounting for those sales as GTA Online launched in its third quarter. Rockstar has delayed some finances for GTA Online's players as well.

With that in mind, Take-Two reported a net loss of $124.1 million for the quarter. Seeing as GTA 5 brought in $800 million in its first day alone, we're not too worried about its publisher.

Connor Sheridan
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