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Alexandre Aja studies The Gospel According To Jimmy

He might have kicked off his career killing teenagers and mutating children with Haute Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake, but director Alexandre Aja is switching gears to slaughter a few sacred cows with a new satire.

He’s signed on to make The Gospel According To Jimmy, which will serve as an English-language adaptation of Didier Van Cauwelaert’s book. The story, which is set in the near future, follows a pool cleaner from LA who discovers that he’s a clone of Jesus, created out of DNA extracted from the Shroud of Turin.

"It's a wonderful satirical comedy about America today and the rise of Christian fundamentalism," Aja told Variety during a break from bomb proofing his letter box just in case. How did he get the rights? His dad, actually – well, Alexandre Arcady’s production company, at least.

But before he can get down to enraging religious types, he has one more terror trip left in him – he’s currently working on Mirrors, based on the Korean film Into The Mirror, about a supernatural reflective surface that brings out the worst in people when they look into it.