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Adon edged out Rolento in Super Street Fighter IV

During last week's Captivate event I was able to sit in on a Super Street Fighter IV roundtable withproducer Yoshinori Ono and other members of the gaming press. It's a standard fighting game question, but I still felt the need to ask "Were there any characters that were in the game initially but had to come out later?" Ono replied:

"We were so committed to Rolento at one point that even the background design team had presumed he was going to be in it. That's how we ended up with the Metro City stage, the construction site."

Above: Metro City in Super SFIV, home to Rolento, Guy and Cody

"Further research revealed that there was slightly more interest in Adon than Rolento, so we shifted gears."

Super SFIV releases next week (April 27). If you happen to be an OXM subscriber, you can read my 9/10 review right now (it's theGhost Recon Future Soldiercover) or wait seven more days and read the same basic text reworked into a different review. Your call!

Apr 20, 2010