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A Judge Dredd TV show is coming - but it's not the Karl Urban-Netflix series everyone wanted

Judge Dredd is coming to a TV screen near you some time in the near-future, but it’s not what some may have been hoping for. The show, titled Judge Dredd: Mega City One, will focus on an ensemble cast of Judges being judge, jury and executioner in the crime-ridden cesspit of the dystopian Mega City One – but there’s no sign of Judge Dredd himself. Yet.

Entertainment Weekly pulled back the curtain on the upcoming show, which is being developed by IM Global – who produced 2012’s Dredd (which is bloody amazing. Go watch it) – and Rebellion, best known for its Sniper Elite series, as well as owning 2000AD, the comic series in which Judge Dredd stars. That’ll be an interesting mix, for sure, but it might disappoint fans clamouring for a Netflix remake starring Karl Urban.

Co-owner of Rebellion, and executive producer on Dredd, Chris Kingsley is optimistic on the chances of a big sci-fi success, stating: “Thanks to the legions of fans who have kept up pressure on social media, and a lot of background work and enthusiasm, we aim to make a big budget production that will satisfy both our vast comics audience and the even greater general screen-watching public.”

It's worth mentioning that a network hasn’t brought the rights to the show but there is a snazzy-looking poster to tide you over until then.

As long as we get someone shouting ‘I am the law!’ and a Sniper Elite slow-mo headshot or two then I think we’re golden. Surely it’s impossible to screw up a Dredd TV show… right?

Images: Entertainment Weekly/IM Global

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