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A Fallout TV show is coming to Amazon Prime Video

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A Fallout TV series is coming to Amazon Prime Video, and it's being made by the production company behind Westworld.

The official Fallout Twitter account broke the news with a brief video that teases the collaboration between Amazon Studios, Kilter Films, and Bethesda Game Studios. In traditional Fallout fashion, the video starts with a close-up shot of an old TV screen, starting with the title cards for the studios then switching over to a test pattern as the sound of televised gunfire, explosions, and screams suddenly cut out.

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The video doesn't confirm any details, but the Fallout universe has tons of possibilities for a potential series or film. We could follow a community of survivors hundreds of years after the bombs fall and wipe out civilization, like in most of the Fallout games. We could see more of life in the '50s styled, ultra-imperialist USA of the late 2070s as the great war approaches, which we got to experience ourselves at the beginning of Fallout 4. Or maybe it will be about the continued adventures of Fisto, the security protectron turned sexbot who you can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas.

Kilter Films' portfolio is largely composed of TV series such as Westworld and Person of Interest. As GamesRadar's Bradley Russell observed, Westworld is at its best when it stops taking itself so seriously, so hopefully Kilter's Fallout series will hone right in on the franchise's trademark humor.

We'll let you know when we get more official word on where the three companies are taking the Fallout franchise next.

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