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50 Movie Character Resolutions

Ferris Bueller

The Character: High school absconder, truancy expert, righteous dude.

The Resolution: School, schmool. He's taking the day off.

Chances Of Sticking To It: With clammy hands, you can persuade anybody you're too ill to leave the house.


The Character: The man formerly known as Seth Brundle is now half-man, half-housefly.

The Resolution: To become the world's first insect politician.

Chances Of Sticking To It: He'll probably be very good at it, considering he's an expert at regurgitation.

Marion Crane

The Character: Thieving secretary who does a runner with the company's money and hides out at the Bates Motel.

The Resolution: To pay extra for a decent hotel next time.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Sadly, "next time" is a pretty big assumption.

Jeff Lebowski

The Character: The Dude, never happier than when he's had a toke, a White Russian and an evening of bowling.

The Resolution: To get compensation for his urine-stained rug. It really tied the room together.

Chances Of Sticking To It: To be honest, the chances of the Dude sticking to anything are pretty remote.

George Smiley

The Character: Retired spy with a very '70s taste in spectacles.

The Resolution: To locate Karla's mole in the Circus.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Probably the most tenacious person in this list. There's no way he'll back down until he's got his man.


The Character: Parisian do-gooder who likes meddling in other people's affairs, preferably without them even knowing.

The Resolution: To mind her own business for once.

Chances Of Sticking To It: It's all going swimmingly until her neighbour leaves the keys in his lock, and she discovers his unrealised ambition is to sing on the French version of The X Factor . Now the application form is in the post.

Jack Torrance

The Character: Author, recovering alcoholic, and deranged psychopath. A family man.

The Resolution: To finish that book.

Chances Of Sticking To It: He'll finish it all right, but since all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, he might a spot of axe-killing too.

Derek Zoolander

The Character: Dim-witted fashion model who also does a lot of work of charity.

The Resolution: To devise a new look that will be more ridiculously good looking than Blue Steel.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Job done as far as Derek's concerned, but why are critics saying that Crimson Corona is exactly the same as Blue Steel? They don't appreciate the subtlety involved.

Mr Miyagi

The Character: Martial arts mentor and WWII hero who sees the spirituality in kicking the hell out of opponents.

The Resolution: To turn Daniel LaRusso into a champ.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Good, once Daniel's finished waxing his car.

Charles Foster Kane

The Character: Newspaper publisher who can buy anything he wants, except a) a political career and b) happiness.

The Resolution: To find Rosebud, symbol of the loss of his childhood innocence.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Oh, he'll find it all right…and then dump it in a room along with all the other crap he's bought over the years.