50 Movie Character Resolutions

James Bond

The Character: British secret agent, licensed to kill, likes his martinis shaken not stirred.

The Resolution: To take Miss Moneypenny out on a date without getting swayed by the exotic hottie at the next table.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Double O.

Dorothy Gale

The Character: Kansas farmgirl who finds a Technicolor fairytale world where she's a hero, but still wants to return to home.

The Resolution: To decorate her bedroom in shades of ruby and emerald.

Chances Of Sticking To It: The job's done, but weirdly everything still looks like the same shade of sepia.

Harry Potter

The Character: Schoolboy wizard trying to deal with the dual burdens of puberty and being The Boy Who Lived.

The Resolution: To pass his Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Hogwarts is under martial law, Harry's on the run and Voldemort wants him dead. Still, if he can defeat He Who Must Not Be named, the examiners will probably let him pass anyway…

Travis Bickle

The Character: Vietnam vet, now paying the bills as a cabbie while he figures out how to wash the scum off the street.

The Resolution: To get organizized.

Chances Of Sticking To It: One way or another, he'll find a way to get rid of the animals who come out at night.

Nina Sayers

The Character: Ingenue ballerina, promoted to the starring role in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake .

The Resolution: To be perfect.

Chances Of Sticking To It: High, but at the cost of her sanity and skin tone.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Character: Founder of Facebook and professional smart-arse.

The Resolution: To be friends with Erica Albright and, if he's lucky, to poke her.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Erica can't stay off Facebook forever…unless she's more of a Twitter kind of girl.


The Character: 1960s bon vivant who wants the finest wines known to humanity or, failing that, lighter fluid.

The Resolution: To stop drinking, or at least ease off for a bit.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Just the one won't do any harm, right?

Tony Stark

The Character: Playboy industrialist with a dodgy ticker and an iron suit for crimefighting.

The Resolution: To make even more money being a do-gooder than he did when he didn't care who he sold weapons to.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Pretty good, once he's got the U.S. Government off his case about wanting the Iron Man designs.

Holly Golightly

The Character: The Texan girl once known as Lula Mae Barnes is now Manhattan's most divine socialite and a very discreet escort.

The Resolution: To stop buying so many hats.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Oh, but darling, it's just not the same without one.


The Character: Kryptonian refugee Kal-El, disguised as mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent.

The Resolution: To get Lois Lane to fancy his Earth alter-ego more than his superhuman self.

Chances Of Sticking To It: Trouble is, these humans will insist on getting into trouble that can't be dealt with by Clark.