Atomic Heart teaser shows off ultra 4k visuals

Atomic Heart teaser shows off ultra 4k visuals
(Image credit: Mundfish)

A new Atomic Heart trailer has landed, showcasing the beautiful ultra 4k graphics settings of the upcoming open-world shooter.

The YouTube video shows a single moment from within Atomic Heart, frozen in time as the camera pans around to show the incredible level of detail on display here. Just take a look, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Have you ever seen skin that looks that good? And that’s not all. As the shot pans out, we get to see the phenomenal level of detail that goes into every texture - from the cloth of a uniform to the cold steel and ceramic of a seriously sci-fi looking gun. All of this was shot in Atomic Heart’s in-game photo mode too, so you’ll be able to recreate scenes like this when you get your hands on the game.

We’ve already seen some pretty impressive looking trailers for Atomic Heart in the past that focused on the implementation of ray tracing, but this latest video has given us a whole new, close-up view of the action. We have to say, we’re thankful developer Mundfish chose to focus on a human character and not one of the nightmarish creatures that you’ll be facing off against, because they’re gross enough from far away, thank you very much.

Atomic Heart is an upcoming open-world action RPG set in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union is very much in control. You play a KGB agent who is sent to investigate a catastrophic accident at a secret Soviet facility. It’s an immensely ambitious game that blends elements from open-world sandbox games, shooters, and the macabre body horror into a disturbing, but deeply intriguing game.

Atomic Heart doesn’t have an official release date yet. It was tentatively scheduled for 2021, but we’ve not heard anything more on that. Regardless of when it's coming, it will be launching Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC when it’s ready.

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