Atomic Heart release date officially set for February

Update: The leaked Atomic Heart release date from yesterday is now official, with Focus Entertainment releasing a new trailer confirming the date.

Atomic Heart, the upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter from Moscow-based studio Mundfish, is officially launching on February 21. Pre-orders are also available for the game's three different versions: standard, Gold Edition, and Premium Edition. Pre-order bonuses are available for all three versions, but the latter two also include an "Atomic Pass" with some other goodies.

Original story follows...

Atomic Heart has seemingly leaked a February 21, 2023 release date ahead of the official announcement.

Mundfish's uber-creepy sci-fi FPS take on a Soviet-era dystopia was previously pegged for a Fall 2022 release, but it was discreetly delayed to 2023 back in September. Now, it seems we have an exact release date, though it's yet to be confirmed in any official capacity.

Whatifgaming first reported the release date yesterday, and Twitter user IdleSloth then mined the date from IGN's YouTube video expected to make the news official tomorrow. Noted leaker ALumia_Italia also corroborated the leak, sharing what seems to be an official poster for the game's Premium Edition and related contents.

Atomic Heart takes place in a terrifying, alternate version of the 1950's in which the Soviet Union developed highly advanced robotics and technologies during World War 2. Naturally, these aren't the kind of robots that can make the milk in your latte look like a pretty little oak leaf; no, these are the kind that want you and all of humanity dead, and they damn well look the part.

I've been transfixed by the absolutely nightmare-inducing creatures in Atomic Heart since the debut of its "effing wild" cinematic trailer back in 2019. That said, its semi-recent combat trailer proved that the debut title from Moscow-based developer Mundfish has a lot more to offer than just exceedingly creepy robots, and thankfully we'll have plenty of interesting weapons to fight back with.

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