The new Atomic Heart cinematic trailer is effin wild

The new trailer for the elusive Atomic Heart adds even more intrigue to an already fascinating sci-fi horror project by young Moscow-based studio Mundfish. The cinematic follows a confusing, although genuinely gripping, conversation between two scientists in some sort of uber-futuristic lab, and I definitely left it with more questions than answers, to say the least.

The trailer stars a restless scientist fiddling with a translucent blob using tentacles that branch from his palms while an out-of-view associate rambles on about… I don't know what. Something about how his brother needed a night light in the room they shared as children and how it disturbed him because light "tied up [his] imagination." He goes on about lightness and darkness and monsters for a while before asking the guy who may or may not have been listening, "Do you see what I mean?" He responds, "More or less." Definitely less for me.

In both Russian and English, the cinematic trailer boasts impressive "real-time in-game" visuals and movie-like voice acting, which isn't a huge surprise given the similarly remarkable 10-minute gameplay footage released earlier in the year. If you haven't seen it, beware: it's unfettered nightmare fuel, containing some of the most unsettling images I've seen in a video game. There are rabid killer robots, and things that are a lot scarier than rabid killer robots. I've done my duty; you've been warned.

There isn't an official release date yet, but pre-orders are open and the site says a beta is coming sometime this year.

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Jordan Gerblick

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