Atlus explains Catherine's story

Atlus has played coy withupcoming action-adventure game,Catherine, up until now, relying on a hip art and less-than-subtle sexual appeals to make their case for the game. The company has finally fullyexplained what the game is about onitsofficial site.

Above: The image that headlines Catherine's official blog

Here goes: Vincent's neighborhood is being haunted by a series of bizarre deaths. Young men are being found dead in their beds, their faces contorted in a frighting manner. An urban legend springs up which claims that those who fall in dreams die.

Paying these incidents little heed, Vincent meets his girlfriend of five years, Katherine at a local bar. He's pretty pleased with himself, and if it weren't for his girlfriend%26rsquo;s hints at marriage, life would be perfect. While at the bar, Vincent is is seduced by a beautiful young girl named Catherine (as opposed to his girlfriend Katherine).

After he cheats on his girlfriend with Catherine, Vincent is haunted by nightmares that seem suspiciously like those from the urban legend.

That's all Atlus has explained so far... still no word on the sheep-men that filled earlier trailers.

[Source:Official Capcom Site]

Nov 3, 2010